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Warning Signs- Does this read like your relationship? The list below is not a complete list of behaviors an abuser might exhibit but some common indicators.

  • Quick Involvement– You both just met and already he/she is pressuring you into a committed relationship, marriage or moving in together.
  • Verbal Abuse– Says things like, “you’re stupid”, “no one else will want you”, or attacks your looks; anything meant to be hurtful or degrading.
  • Controlling Behavior– Blames you for his/her abusive behavior, monitors who you interact with and where you go and asserts authority over your life choices.
  • Jealousy– Expresses resentful or dismisses your accomplishment, is easily suspicious of anyone you talk to and, frequently accuses you of being unfaithful.
  • Dual Personality– Anything you say or do can upset your partner or send him/her into a rage.
  • Past Behavior– Friends or mutual associates or family warn you about your partners abusive/violent behavior against past partners.
  • Threats of Violence– Serious or pretend direct threats of physical violence. This can include using threats disguised as jokes to invoke fear.
  • Isolation– Discourages you from spending time with family or friends or talking to neighbors, store clerks, or staff and parents at your child’s school, particularly, someone of the same sex.
  • Strict Gender Roles– Your partner places strict rules on how you are supposed to act at home or in public but does not follow the same rules for his/herself.
  • The Use of Physical Force– Using physical force (choking, pushing, hitting, restraining) anytime during a disagreement, argument, sex, or any time the abuser perceives you have committed an undefined infraction against him/her.
  • Stress– Exhibits a high level of job related stress that causes excessive drinking and/or drug abuse.