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What People Are Saying About Us…

“The workshop with Raj was incredible and right on time. I was able to use what I learned to let go of my need to always be right. This allowed me to detach with love from a family enmeshment that goes back four decades.”
– Recent Attendee

“My experience with W.A.R.M has been a learning one. I have been involved with W.A.R.M since we started, and I have grown to love myself more, and to also love the women who come to W.A.R.M presentations. We are all there for the same reason—to build our awareness on Domestic Violence. We have listened to the women who share their knowledge on how to better ourselves, how to care for ourselves on an emotional, physical and spiritual level. We have all had the chance to share with one another on a humanistic level which gives us the time to realize that “We All Really Matter”—Thank You!
– Jennifer Levy

“It has been over three decades of separation from my experience with domestic violence so it wasn’t something that I thought truly affected me…anymore. But, after volunteering to do service with WARM and listening to the women share their stories I realized that I was and still am profoundly affected by what happened. WARM helped me to see how important it is to do this type of service work. As well, it has opened my eyes and made me acutely aware that the issues of domestic violence leave and indelible mark that even three decades of separation can’t erase. WARM is helping me help others through the arts and helps me heal myself. It uplifts my spirit and focuses my efforts towards the greater good. “
– Mary Montgomery

“I have been through abuse with both verbal and intimidation issues in relationships. Today I chose to work on me and the spiritual aspect of who I am.”
-Debra Goddard

“I am grateful for W.A.R.M! It has helped to change my behavior and my attitude towards the abuse in general. Now I have zero tolerance and I can spot it quickly…”
– Maya Galt

“I am truly grateful to W.A.R.M for the detailed awareness and all the enormous education that I have received. I am extremely thankful and pleased.”

– Paul Saul