WARM helps victims of domestic abuse, who are transitioning out of a shelter, reestablish their lives within the community. WARM offers support groups, and helps people navigate through the overwhelming amount of resources, and find a permanent home. Our goal is to provide ongoing support.

Permanent Housing

WARM helps victims find a permanent and safe home. We also provide a household start-up kit with pots, pans and dishes.

Ongoing Support Groups

Ongoing support groups are offered once a month on a Monday from 6 to 8 pm (consult the side bar for upcoming dates). The support groups meet at 140 West 140th Street (bet. Lenox & 7th) at Goddard Riverside Community Center. Our sponsors to date are Make My Cake, Pathmark, Carol’s Daughter, Jacob’s Restaurant, Fine Fare, Red Rooster, Amy Ruth’s and Keith L.T. Wright, Member of Assembly.

To date we have successfully facilitated the following workshops:

  • Raising Awareness in the Community about Issues of Domestic Violence—October 28, 2010; presented by: Safe Horizon, NYPD Domestic Violence Unit
  • A Survivor’s Story of Empowerment—February 28,2011
  • A Survivor’s Story of Empowerment—March 28, 2011
  • The Long Term Effects of Domestic Violence on Women and Children—April 25,2011; presented by: Gay French-Ottaviani, LCWS, CP
  • A Survivor’s Story of Empowerment—May 23, 2011
  • Secrets of Self –Esteem—June 27th, 2011; presented by: Raj Bhagirathee
  • Breaking Down the Walls in Your Life—July 25, 2011; presented by: Dr. Antonia M-The Inner Power Doctor

Long Term Vision

Our long term vision is to build a transitional facility where survivors of domestic violence can recover, rebuild and redirect their lives before re-entry into society. We plan to accomplish this using a holistic approach which will be focused on putting back the pieces of the mind, spirit and body. This approach is especially relevant since many victims are survivors of verbal, emotional and psychological abuse. These victims are often overlooked and even sometimes turned away because they bear no physical scars. However, it is our belief that a broken mind can be even more damaging than broken bones. As a result it is our goal to provide healing to the individual as a whole.

We also plan to equip the participants of our program with life skills such as: sewing, gardening, jewelry making, and computer and office skills so that they can re-emerge as confident, productive members of society.