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W.A.R.M. fights Domestic Violence and Hunger in Harlem

We All Really Matter (W.A.R.M.)

We All Really Matter (WARM) is a not-for-profit organization comprised of survivors of domestic abuse along with their allies who are committed to ending abuse against women and girls in the Harlem community. WARM provides aid to those in and recently out of abusive relationships. We offer an assortment of free, culturally inclusive  holistic services that support the alignment of the mind, body, and spirit. We pride ourselves on fostering a sense of community and belonging. We educate about the warning signs of intimate partner abuse and provide tools to break free from those unhealthy relationships in order to reclaim our lives. We offer a multicultural, welcoming space for everyone.

Our mission at WARM is to prevent and interrupt the cycle of domestic violence in families and communities specifically in Harlem.

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We believe in communal values – sharing resources, experiences, and support.

We envision a world where women have agency and security in their environment, health, relationships and community. We are confident that through multi-sector collaborations we can achieve long-term positive change in the way women and girls interface with the world. We also seek to spur dialogue with boys and men about the ways they can contribute to a healthy and inclusive society.

WARM’s new website, which, reflects our dedication and mission to ending violence against women and girls, was made possible through support from The New York Women’s Foundation. We hope that our collaborative partnership will create a more equitable society for women and girls; particularly in marginalized groups.


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What are the warning signs?

Does this read like your relationship? The list below is not a complete list of behaviors an abuser might exhibit but some common indicators.

  • Quick Involvement– You both just met and already he/she is pressuring you into a committed relationship, marriage or moving in together.
  • Verbal Abuse– Says things like, “you’re stupid”, “no one else will want you”, or attacks your looks; anything meant to be hurtful or degrading.
  • Controlling Behavior– Blames you for his/her abusive behavior, monitors who you interact with and where you go and asserts authority over your life choices.
  • Jealousy– Expresses resentful or dismisses your accomplishment, is easily suspicious of anyone you talk to and, frequently accuses you of being unfaithful.


Take the First Step

Out Loud

WARM’s newest project “Out Loud” will compile stories about our lives in abusive relationships, why we stayed, how we gained the strength to leave, and how we reclaimed our self-worth. If you wish to tell your story as a way to help your healing process or to help others, please [...]

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